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If you are considering India, we can help you feel at home

Nepal and India share a lot in terms of culture and traditions. India is the most favoured destination for students choosing overseas education in Nepal. Not only university fees and stay are a lot more affordable when compared to English-speaking countries, but the institutes in India are also globally recognised. Studying in India can be a home-like experience due to the shared culture and festivals.

Why Study in the India?

Globally Accepted Degrees

Indian Universities are now becoming a melting pot of students from many countries. With world class infrastructure and a wide range of courses to choose from.

Value For Money

The cost of studying and living in India is very low compared to other English speaking countries. So it is easier for your family to support you in your studies.

Some More Reasons

  1. College Placements and Other Work Opportunities
  2. No-visa Hassle
  3. No Language Tests Required

Residence Options


College hostels (self or fully catered)


Renting a flat/apartment

Success Stories